About Us
We are a group of individuals that want to eliminate out-of-pocket medication expenses.

Like many other healthcare professionals, I suffered from severe burnout in 2020. COVID, looting, lack of entrepreneurial mobility in healthcare to name a few reasons. I understood Pharma to be a complex supply-chain that revolved around 'contractual monetary obligations' or rebates. After exiting various healthcare ventures, I gradually began to understand the value proposition of cryptocurrencies. Legacy finance make it difficult for individuals to receive rebates. I quickly realized the opportunity to give everyday people, an intrinsic asset, that may appreciate in future value.

The largest publicly traded company profited an estimated $700 million last year from out-of-pocket drug expenses. This is not something to be proud of. This trend continues to increase year-over-year. They make, on average, 20% off your purchase. Lets return this, back to you.

I have been working on this start-up for the last since the end of 2021.

We are hoping to launch by December of 2022.

What we are best at

Our Services

Huge Retail Discount
We are able to save you, on average, 85% off retail pricing for most medications.
Competitive Pricing
We are priced similarly to other competitors.
Access to Rebates
Your purchases benefit shareholders of our competitors. We are returning that benefit to you.
Supply Chains offer rebates as "contractual monetary obligations". Our platform can be used to challenge the current rebate structure. A business may use Bitcoin in the future as financial collateral for growth.
Public EnDAOment
The intrinsic value of Bitcoin may increase in the future. This could potentially cover your medication expenses in the future.
NFT Launch
Holding our NFT will allow you to receive access to larger non-customary rebates.
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