Hey there! We are a Web 3.0 Startup that is changing the way we perceive value.

We begin with addressing prescription costs.

A Personal Story...

I have been involved in the business of healthcare for 20+ years. I have firsthand experience of how the industry has changed and where it is going. I sold my Pharmacies and Assisted Living Facilities in 2020. To name a few reasons: severe burnout, poor entrepreneurial mobility and disgust of the industry. The largest publicly traded company made half a billion in out of pocket medication expenses last year (2021). That is ridiuclous.

Following the sale of my businesses, I immediately became obsessed with Blockchain Technology, Web 3.0 and Cryptocurrencies; like many others, I saw a future of endless possibilities. It is the same feeling that parallels the adoption of internet as I grew up. It is obvious that the healthcare system is an unsustainable business model that comes at the expense of Customers, Individual Health Care Providers and Taxpayers. There is a lack of entrepreneurial mobility and a huge cost barrier to entry. It should not be like that. Additionally, I have seen Health Care Providers become "financially cancelled" because of competition or frivolous legal claims.

If you didn't know this, everyone in the supply chain receives rebates. Just not you. Yes you, the person reading this blurb. If you didn't know this, the your state and federal government are the largest recipients of these rebates. Do you see this passed back to you? This is a dinosaur industry that needs to change. The largest entities have consolidated payment systems and exploited the Cantillion Effect for self-serving reasons. For the last eight months, I have been working on a revolutionary product that will disrupt all industries that have a middleman.

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